This page just contains work that I am proud of. Some of the stuff on here is pictures that I have created on my PC, a couple from the days when I had a Commodore Amiga A500+ and some more that I have found on the WWW and liked.

Some other things on this page are Animated Gif, Shockwave Swear Machine, and also the picture I have painted on the nursery wall, ready for when my nipper is born.

My First Batmobile
This Batman Forever 'mobile was drawn on my Ameagre A500 + using Deluxe Paint III. I think it looks better like this than it does if you zoom in on it. The Ameagre pictures didn't have very good resolution on them as I remember. But, before all you Amiga Owner write in, (you know who you are!) I think that you can do some quite spectacular stuff on the Ameagre. It's just that it took three days to do any complicated operations. Set it going in the morning and see if it had filled an area by bedtime!!!!!
This was by far one of the most difficult pictures that I drew on my A500+. I did a lot of pixel by pixel work on these pictures and the details on the legs and cape eventually led to me getting bored with it and just doing a gradient fill in the background. Really shite!
Bob's Dark Knight
Bob's Judgement
This is when I started paying more attention to details like light effects and so on. This is the cover of the graphic novel Judgement On Gotham. Again it was produced on my A500+ with a lot of perseverance. Thanks must go to my bro' Gaz who transferred all of the Ameagre images from my 720K disks to my PC disks.
This was to be my last finished picture to come out of my A500+, and it is the cover of the Collected Adventures Volume 1. The light effects on the windows were done pixel by pixel and I went for the crappy gradient fill at the top of the picture.
Bob's Animated
Bob's First PC Piccy
My first attempt on the PC. This was done on my DX4/100 using Photoshop 3.0 and a mouse. The actual picture had a lot of pencil mark type lines on so I applied some sort of filter and it made it look a little better. But not much!!!!

This is my second finished PC picture and it was done on the PC I have now, a PII 233 using Photoshop 5.0. I also used my WACOM Pen Partner USB to do this one and it made the whole process a lot easier. This was done in October '99

The hardest part of this one was trying to make the buildings not look to pathetic. That didn't work either.

Bob's Piccy
Bob's Piccy
This is my most recent picture, a very simple bust of the Dark Knight. I drew it with my WACOM again but I used a black background and a white ink. I am quite pleased with this on as it has a very dark look to it. I used the same PII also.
This is an animated Gif I created in Photoshop 5 and Paint Shop Pro 5 after I had been on SFDT (See Escape). It only took around half an hour to make. It shows too!!!
Animated Gif (tHe dRILL)

thE sHOCkWaVe SWeAr MaChINe.  Click on the links below.

Flash Movie (127kB) or Projector (407kB)

Warning: This contains very, very rude and crass words and should not be seen by children.

This bit is a little bit of Macromedia Shockwave Flash that I have been messing around with. I received an Ali G Shockwave rapper by e-mail and I had a stupid idea of creating a swearing rapper thingy.

There are two versions one is a Flash movie (127kB), so you must have a Flash enabled browser to look at that one. The other is a Flash Projector file (exe file,407kB), it contains it's own player and this means that it can be played on virtually any PC whether you've got a Flash Player installed or not. Better off using Save As option and taking it around your mates houses for this one.

This is my latest picture, done around January it's a simple white on black image which was done with no seriousness behind it. That's why it looks like some crappy cartoon character from Saturday Morning TV.
Below are my paintings of Pooh, Piglet & Tigger which I finished in April 2000. This was on the nursery wall where Ewan now resides. It's since been wiped off and replaced by Tweenies stuff.

The following pictures have come off the web and are not drawn by me. If you want me take them off or give you credit for them let me know. (I don't want to offend anyone!) Some of the work below is done by famous Bat artists, Neal Adams for example.
Neal Adams Pic
Neal Adams Pic
Neal Adams Pic
Naughty Naughty Brucey Baby

Last Updated May 21, 2004