These pages are devoted to my collection and fascination with collectibles, and oddities relating to the Dark Knight.

In this section I will show you my book collection, toy collection and also my collectible collection. (?????)

Bob at Gotham

Here we can see me, standing next to what appears to be a road sign for Gotham City.

However, it's not. It is the sign to tell you that you are entering the village of Gotham (pronounced; Goat-Ham). This photo was taken in 1999 just outside of Nottingham, UK. (Sad really !)

1989: When it started:-

It all started in 1989 when Tim Burton's Batman The Movie, appeared in Shrewsbury's Empire Cinema. I loved the film immensely and eventually ended up seeing it around four times. (Another sad confession!). Well, after that I went Batman mad, and started buying all sorts of memorabilia, toys and anything else with The Caped Crusader on. I don't know why I took to Tim Burton's film as I never used to like the camp 1960's television series. Looking back now and watching the repeats, it's quite good. The actors chosen to play the villains were top notch choices. Ceasar Romero as the Joker, who could forget that insane laugh? Julie Newmar as Catwoman; what a good looking woman. It's funny how you completely overlook these things when you're little. My personal fave though was Frank Gorshin as the Riddler. A cool character and a mad giggle all in the same green overalls!

Some of my collection

From there onwards my collection has grown and grown, with a total figure of about £5,000 being spent on some really nice items and some really weird stuff that no one else will probably ever want. I have been collecting for eleven years now, and I never realised how strange it must have looked when I started. A 6ft tall 16 year old going in the papershop to buy handfulls of Batman Stickers, it's no surprise I was ridiculed in the Engineering Training School.

Anyway carry on browsing through the stuff if you're a Batfan, if you're not, why not just see how odd I can be?

Last Updated October 12, 2014