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Now here is a tool if ever I've seen one. I first saw WIPEOUT at a mates house just after the PSX was released. Getting one was a priority and in December '95 I plucked up the £300 to go and buy one. Of course, I had to get a game with it so I forked out another £44 for RIDGE RACER. Cool!!! Little did I know that if I had waited a little longer the price would plummet! Not Cool!!!
I went home and switched it on, my God it could kick out some good stuff. Ridge lasted for ages and I bought a couple of games afterwards too. Among them were WORMS, DIE HARD TRILOGY a few more.
DIE HARD TRILOGY was fantastic with three games in one. I completed the first and second levels easy but I never did finish the car chase level.
After this sort of time I started noticing that I became ill when playing certain types of games. It finally killed me when I hired DOOM from Blockbuster and played on it for a night. I was ill for three days after, feeling unsteady, unbalanced and generally unwell. Then F1 did the same, Alien Trilogy, Wipeout 2097 and loads more games with first person perspective views. I managed to complete Metal Gear Solid quite quickly and I didn't get ill from that. That could have been a much better game if they had dropped loads of FMV story and got on with a game.
Solid Snake From MGS
Chris Redfield from RE
The only games I can really play these days are FIFA and things like Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2. These two games were absolutely brilliant and I completed RE2 in 13 hours, playing for a little while every night.
I'm stuck now on Resident Evil 1 and I don't seem to be able to get much further. I'm just about to drop through the hole and I keep getting stuffed by the snake.
Tony Hawkes Skateboarding was a pleasant surprise when I played that. I didn't really like the idea but the game was really addictive and I only put it down when it made me bad.Again!!

UPDATE: If I turn my PSX over and on an angle of about 30° I can get it working well. Please don't mail me to tell me why this works, because I know. Over the last few years I have had to fix it a couple of times, due to the laser unit wearing. This is a common problem in the SCPH-1002 which I have got and just involves a feeler-gauge slice of metal glued to the carriage. Also you have to tune the Bias and Forward Gain in on two farty potentiometers in the PSX itself. Each time I have done this it has worked, but I fear the laser unit is just aged and beyond help. I'm not spending £40 on a new unit either.

Playstation 2. I still haven't bought one yet!! Yippee.

I'm waiting for them to drop to £70.

Playstation 2
OH NO! My 1002 PSX gave up the ghost and now I've had to buy another. Still, at £80 it's a snip. Now I've also got a dual shock pad to scare the living crap out of my nephew with. (He came round a while back and had a go on ACE COMBAT 3 and when he stuffed the MIG into the dirt, the controller shook. Whoops, I've never seen a two year old move so fast.

Well I've finished RE3: Nemesis and I must say that it is an excellent game. Maybe a little to easy though. The only problem I have when playing it is that I have to do it in bits and bobs. Thats why I had to make 29 saves throughout the 8hrs and 12 minutes of playing. I got a grade F too. I'm a little disappointed but I will play The Mercanaries now and build up enough cash to buy some guns. Then I'll be able to take those infested mothers out straight away. If I was to review this game I would say that graphically it is superb, soundtrack and noises are spooky and tension building and the enemies are all cleverly done. But I have to say it was along the lines of Metal Gear Solid a little. When the route seems so defined, unlike RE1 when you had to double back on yourself all the time to go and pick things up.

I did like the end of Nemesis though and tried to get the big rail cannon working by stuffing the batteries in it, it worked and virtually took out the purple veined monster on it's own.

I don't use the PSX any more, maybe once in a blue moon for FIFA 2002 but it stays out of the way now.

Last Updated 25th April 2000