This page is just a list of my fave pages on the www. Click on the links (the colored text) to go to my favourite sites.

Shrewsbury Town FC Visit my local football team before they fall out of the bottom of the football league altogether.
Shropshire Star Our local paper. News of all kinds and historic looks back into the old days. Good if you're away from home and still want to know what's happening.
The Dark Knight An excellent site about Bats. Good information and news as well as a chat area called Gotham Gossip.
GazChap My brother Gaz's page, quite good for an Ameagre owner. Loads better than Arkham.
BBC Might sound boring, but there is a lot of good stuff on here.
World Of Spectrum The place to get emulators and games for Speccy fans old and young!
Knowhere A good place to find out information about many places in the UK. There is also a noticeboard where you can post messages for other people to see. Quite cheap and very good delivery from this big on-line shop. Sells Music, Video, Games, PC Stuff and more.
Google A great search engine for the not so net-literate. Type a word in and see what happens. A good site for technical descriptions of words commonly used everyday in the PC environment.
SFDT Stick Figure Death Theatre, got a couple of minutes to waste? Have a laugh on here.

Last Updated October 6, 2002